Sweet Thyme Artisan Soaps are handcrafted at a studio workshop in the Gunderson Historic District of Oak Park, Illinois. Our soap is specially formulated based on the synergy and balance of the ancient art of aroma and derma therapy. O.K. WAIT…you could continue to read on and probably wonder “Why is this soap any better than any other handmade soap I can buy?” The reason is simple; I AM PASSIONATE and LOVE making soap. I can’t think of anything else I would rather be doing (outside of being with my family) than making soap. I still get excited after 15 years of creating new soaps or scents. I will jump out of bed and run down the next morning to see how it has turned out, just like Christmas, and be thrilled when it looks perfect. And when I use it in the shower, I am always amazed that it is still the best bar of soap I have ever used (and believe me, I buy a lot of different soaps out there and still have not found one to compare to mine) So let me give you one important piece of advise when buying handmade soap: “Don’t use anything that is not made by someone who is PASSIONATE about creating it!” O.K…now you can continue to read on about the basics of soapmaking or better yet, just skip over it and start buying some of this GREAT SOAP…YOU WON’T REGRET IT! We combine the perfect purity of nature, with the special science of skincare, to provide a gentle response to the needs of all skin types. The highest quality product is insured, as we use a unique blend of 100% pure vegetable oils, plant butters, silk fibers, milk proteins, cosmetic grade clays, natural botanicals and fragrance/essential oil blends. This produces a thick, luscious liquid soap, that is lovingly colored, perfectly seasoned and then poured into handmade wooden molds. The semi- hardened soap is hand cut into bars and stacked onto wooden racks in a humidity / temperature controlled room for the next four to six weeks. This extended curing process is time-consuming and expensive, but produces the ultimate bar of soap, eliminating almost all of its free alkali, therefore reaching a near perfect pH balance by restoring its acid mantle. Pure, gentle and ultra-moisturizing, our soap retains all of its natural glycerin. Sweet Thyme’s products are for those who appreciate and require the finest in natural skin care by nourishing their body, as well as their senses.