• Cindy

    Recently I received a bar of your soap from my cousin. For years I have had these small pimples on my face. After a week of using your soap, they disappeared. I had tried everything over the years to get rid of them and I am amazed at how your soap cleared them up. I will be a customer for life. Thank You!

    Gurnee, IL
  • Carole

    Thank you for such fast service. The whole box smells wonderful. Now if only I get the gifts in the mail so quickly…………Merry Christmas!

    Addison, IL
  • Jill

    The bars in this order are for my family & a few other friends for Christmas. I’m sure that you’ll be hearing from them to order more, as well. I’ll make sure they know how easy it is to order online, too!

    Washington, D.C.
  • Vicki

    My girlfriend goes to Ireland ever year for 2 weeks and always brings back some Irish Soap. I decided to give her a bar of your Irish Heather and Irish Tea Rose soap. When she saw them, she made a comment about how it could not be any better than her ”Real Irish” soap. She never said a word to me, and it wasn’t until a good friend of mine told me she had asked her if she knew where I had bought “that Irish soap” from, she wanted to order some more!

    Chicago, IL
  • Bonnie

    Dear Sweet Thyme Soaps, I was invited to a “favorite thing” party last spring. I have always loved your Silk and Pearl soap, so I decided to give everyone a bar of “my favorite soap” Nobody had ever heard of a soap made from silk and pearls, so I was the hit of the party. Needless to say, since that day I have received a call from each one of them asking where they could buy themselves a bar. It seems you have 6 more soap converts!

    North Chicago, IL
  • Carol

    I bought my husband a bar of your Margarita Salt Bar for his birthday. He is a simple man, who is very difficult to buy for. I thought he would get a kick out of the soap. To my surprise, not only did he use it, but also after 2 weeks, he told me what he wanted for Christmas, 12 bars of Margarita soap. He decided that it was the only soap he ever wanted to use, since it made his skin feel so smooth and “clean”. Coming from a man who never wants anything, I couldn’t believe it. Thanks for making my life a little easier.

    Chicago, IL
  • Sherri

    I bought an assortment of your soap for Christmas gifts. I gave one to my friend who is always hard to buy for. She called me a month later and asked where I had found the soap I had given her. She couldn’t stop talking about the soap. I have never heard her so excited about anything. Please save 12 bars of your “Napa Valley Gardens” wine soap. She will never forgive me if you run out!…p.s.- if you ever need a spokesperson for your soap, she would sell every bar you have.

    South Bend, IN
  • Lisa

    I attended a shower last month. Your soap was one of the party favors. I have never thought too much about the soap I use and have bought what is on sale. I tried it the next day after the shower, since everyone there was lauding how great it was. After 3 days, I noticed my face was soft and less dry. I can’t wait to finish the bar. I have hidden it from the rest of my family; this one is for my skin only.

    Arlington Heights
  • Laura

    I bought a bar of your Lime-Coconut soap, made with real coconut cream. I have always had dry, itchy skin, no matter what time of the year. After a week of using your soap, I noticed a difference; my skin was not dry and flaky. Could it be the coconut milk? What ever it is, I want to order 12 more bars. Please do not stop making soap. EVER!!!

    Oak Park, IL
  • Patty

    One of the bars is for a friend of mine, who I understand has been ordering from you, too! She was over one day, and the last shipment I ordered came while she was here. I just had to share the Sicilian Limon & Cedar w/her! She called me a couple days later and told me how much she loved it.

    Dayton, OH